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Through monetising your website and driving traffic as well as giving your brand an online presence, Mediadigitalagency offers companies the ideal accomplished solution. Our aim is to get your website up and running in no time! Our various packages are designed to assist you with your growing needs, thus flexibility is one of our strengths. Whether it is a one time project or you need assistance on an ongoing basis. 

We work with a very dynamic network of industry experts in Europe with a collective experience of over 25 years to offer the latest and most innovative e-commerce solutions that can be integrated seamlessly , offering immediate value and cost effectiveness for small and medium sized businesses that require a one stop solution for all their internet marketing needs. We specialise in demonstrating your brand and products or service to an international audience not just local!

What we can do for you?

Web Design and eCommerce solutions

A great looking website must convey a positive image about your company. It should talk about your products and your team and values. The best way to talk to your customers is via your website. Just remember first impression do last! Generally speaking a customer has about 3 seconds to decide if they like what they see. If the answer is no they will flick onto another website. That’s why bounce rates are can be high. A solid web architecture and content decreases the bounce rate significantly and thus you retain your visitors for longer. Each project has to be discussed in detail to establish your requirements and any commercial aspects and functionality. We can perform in many industries such as Products, Real Estate, News or Magazine style, Dating or Services related websites. eCommerce websites are our specialty. Digital storefronts allow shoppers to browse through your products and purchase them online . A shopping cart solution takes care of the administrative part of running an online shop. That includes costs, sizes, product variations, stock count, communication with the buyers as well as shipping costs and many extra features such as gift cards, or custom packaging options. It is advisable to understand short and long term goals and choose an eCommerce platform that will best suit your needs and can be scaled easily later on should you expand your brands or products.

Landing page optimisation and usability testing

We help you get the maximum return from your website traffic. You only get once chance to make that all important impression on your customers. Why not turn leads into sales? We can make your site fun, easy to use and relevant. Essential must have’s when promoting your website are strategic colors, look&feel, attractive well written content, web browser compatibility not just for desktops but also for mobile users. User experience&satisfaction and easy navigation are also crucial factors. We believe that your landing pages are the critical areas that determine your site stickiness and ultimate that translates into more sales or engagement with your brand and product.

CMS systems

Our powerful custom CMS system allows compatibility with any hosting provider, and is also platform independent and browser friendly. There are many essential plugins and extensions to choose from. The CMS system can be integrated also with an existing platform and connect all your essential programs and systems in one central place. Once implemented you do not need to be a developer to use such as backend. With regular updates and user training a new generation CMS platform is attainable and customisable. Further specifications can be discussed on bespoke CMS implementations.

SEO and Link building

One of the most fundamental tasks you have to start with when starting an online business. Search engine optimisation is helping you reach natural (organic) listings on search engines so customers can find you easily. Over time your website will be ranking without paid advertising. Search Engine Optimisation can get you increased traffic volumes and targeted customers. The internet is made up of billions of websites but how do you stand out? We can perform a full SEO audit if you already have a website or we optimise your website so you can get maximum SEO benefits from day one. A monthly SEO report will show how your website converts, grows and attracts paying customers. We build a SEO strategy around your your aims and targets and given budget. A stable SEO ranking can be achieved over time but it is not an instantaneous effort. If you looking for the best ROI then you need to invest into smart SEO.

Google Ads and web analytics

Paid search ads can reach thousands of customers and attract the visitors that are most likely to be interested in your offer. If you are looking for a quick boost to your traffic, paid search results ensure you are always on top of the pages and never loose your prime position. With carefully selected keywords and optimised campaigns, Google ads or paid ads ( PPC) can be the best forms of advertising and the most cost effective. Targeting options are flexible and so are the campaigns, which gives you control over your ads where they appear and when. This is a great platform to test different landing pages as well as different marketing slogans to attract your customers.

Apart from having a great looking website and paying attention to your SEO methods, interpreting web analytics and traffic results is just as important. We analyse your traffic data and give you the bottom line so you dont have to understand the complex KPI’s. We dig deep into the data and make further marketing decisions based on a few key factors, such as where you customers are from, what they purchasing, how long do they stay on your website, when your busiest times are and what your most successful campaigns are. Search engine marketing matters very much when you wish to be ahead of your competitors. This is a very powerful way to reach prospective customers and explore new opportunities. 

Choosing who to advertise with and achieve the best possible return is a very important decision to make. You need to be highly analytical and be able to interpret your campaigns at an early stage in order to optimise and measuring results. We help you take care of your media buying and take out the jargon of key online metrics.

Social Media set up and management

Social Media in Real Time enables the advertisers to distribute your content, messages and offers via its intricate matrix of Social Media users to distribute your adverts via its organic nature. Social media extends beyond traditional marketing because of its viral ability and the speed that adverts and contents can be distributed, shared and reach millions of users and targeted communities within minutes. For example Facebook adverts don’t expiry and are continuing to grow beyond a typical life cycle as there is no ultimate end user.

Social media in real time enables your messages, promotions and offers to be distributed to millions of users. As we see content and media such as photographs and videos being shared virally between users and user groups with similar interests, you reach extend beyond the initial target audience and allowing a flow of passive active marketing.Tracking what people say about you on the web is also important and a part of social media monitoring and reputation management on the web. Monitoring bad reviews and helping your follows get the information they are looking for. Prompt replies and a friendly tone is key in establishing a trustworthy social media profile and help clear bad criticism. Competition is stiff, and exceptional customer service is a must to stay ahead of the competition on all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others.

Content Writing and translations

It’s all about the content, if you don’t have the right content you are not going to make it to the top of the search engines.  Our team can help you with creative writing and how to optimise your content, geared towards your ideal target audience. Get the professional touch for your website, newsletter or press releases. We can perform a few styles of writing such as friendly, optimised for SEO or purely persuasive. Get the brand exposure you need with good copywriting skills optimised for your unique offering.


Email marketing is still a very popular method and an essential in cross channel marketing. Emails connect with your customers everywhere as is the most direct way to reaching potential customers.We can work with you to create a custom design with high quality graphics that is unique to your brand. From creating to editing a newsletters all the way to distribution and managing email lists and databases of subscribers. We have recommended mailer programs that make sending newsletters very straight forward and can be easily integrated into your marketing planning.

Affiliate marketing 

All these highly successful Internet businesses have a partner program directed at webmasters who wish to make surplus money from their websites. Often webmasters are misinformed about the potential of affiliate marketing which in effect can underestimate the lucrativeness of this special type of referral matrix. Offering products and services of merchants in return for a profit share has never been easier, you just need to find the right partners. Recruiting good affiliate partners is not an easy task. Affiliate acquisitions are getting more and more competitive, get connected fast and have access to thousands of partners by using our networking skills and valuable personal relationships.

We cover all aspects of performance based marketing from outsourcing the right software solution to implementation and strategy of your affiliate business. 

To discuss your individual business requirements and how we can help you achieve them please contact Mediadigitalagency under the following contact details