What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a referral program whereby one website markets the products of another website in return for a commission based compensation either  by Revenue Share or CPA or Hybrid.  Once you set up an affiliate program by offering marketing tools to other webmasters, you will have an entire sales force of affiliates marketing your products on the net.


Affiliate marketing is performance based , any advertising that is displayed is free advertising with the added benefit of brand awareness attracting purely targeted customers. You only pay when customer performs which is based on criteria which you stipulate such as volume, sale, registration or funding an account. This is mutually agreed with the affiliate when the affiliate joins your program he or she accepts your T&C’s. Joining affiliate programs are for free and usually you can instantly get your marketing materials picked up from your affiliate system. If you are a merchant, you can track all your affiliate transactions by having professional affiliate software integrated with your e-commerce solution that tracks real time statistics such as clicks, views, sales, affiliate database and other important demographics. The affiliate software facilitates reporting, analysis of your traffic, communication and monthly payments.


How does my business benefit from affiliate marketing?


Your business achieves Higher conversation rates organically as affiliates send you targeted traffic. You benefit from Increased Brand awareness which you would have to traditionally pay for.  Affiliates do the hard work by recruiting customers on your behalf.  You will experience increased revenue per customer as affiliates use clever online marketing techniques to attract a specific group of targeted customers that are looking to buy your products rather than you trying to appeal to an audience that is not suited for your content.


Can I segment affiliates?


Yes you can. You  can set various criteria for affiliate selection and get the top overview of which partners make you money and which regions the customers are from and what they spending with you. You can measure performance in real time plus you can approve, communicate, load your marketing tools and pay affiliates within a matter of minutes.


Can I serve adverts and use the tool for general tracking?


The advantages of a customized affiliate systems is that we use the latest technological advances so that an online affiliate program not only services your partners but also allows you to buy media and serve paid for advertising with the added financial insight in how well your display advertising is converting for  you and which Publisher is getting you a positive ROI.


What are sub affiliates?


Sub affiliates are recruited by other affiliates to join your affiliate program. Sub affiliates are considered a level 2 of the referral cycle. Sub affiliates offer you extra exposure and more partners to recruit to expand your sales force.


How to banner advertise:


Banner links can be a powerful promotion tool for advertising your affiliate products. All affiliate programs offer them and smart affiliates take advantage of their advertising power by using them on their affiliate sites together with content and text link or educational videos and other type of marketing tools such as page peel adverts or RSS feeds.


Don’t always use your home page for banners. Keep your banners focused on the page designed for that particular product. For example, a gardening site should display a fertilizer banner on the fertilizer page. Keep your banners, and text links for that matter, on relevant content pages.


A banner’s choice of words is critical to its success. A good banner will demand a click by using attention grabbing words and phrases. Phrases such as ‘Click here now’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘money back guarantee’ or ‘join now all create a call to action . Words such as ‘Last chance’, ‘only 24 hours left’, or ‘limited time offer’ create a sense of urgency.


How do we as Mediadigitalagency support our customers achieve top results?


I think what we can offer our customers is unparalleled knowledge and hands on advice on what solutions would work best. When starting an online business or even if our customers are well established we analyse their marketing activities and point out areas of the business that have been overlooked or neglected as a result of poor strategy or the use of inferior tools and productivity. Further, what is important is to come up with suggestions that are realistic to the client’s expectations and be easily incorporated into the day to day’s operations. We work with a very dynamic and powerful network of industry experts in Europe and Africa with a collective experience of over 20 years to offer the latest and most innovative e-commerce solutions that can be integrated seamlessly , offering immediate value and cost effectiveness.