The best website copy writing guidelines


The process is easy but here are a few important guidelines to take into consideration when writing online articles:

The aim is to write as naturally as possible yet, a well optimised copy for SEO purposes should be the main focus of your content. So keep it interesting, informative but yet effective for search engines to crawl and index your content. A well written website leads to higher ranking positions.

Plan the main content of the website and what is the most important information you wish to convey. What information needs to be mentioned within the content of that page to cater for the visitors requirements and curiosity? Does the customer have any concerns, questions that can be addressed in this content? Decide where the main phrases are to be included and write a minimum of 200 unique words or more. Always ensure the the choosen topics are relevant and not out of place. Dont’ write about gardening techniques if you are selling travel products or holiday related content. The copy has sound authentic and you need to be a trustworthy source of information so you can engage your audience and get them back to your website once again.

By including synonyms in your copy you are catering for a wider target audience who might be looking for similar search terms. Try and incorporate many synonyms and adjectives in your content as possible. The more keyword rich your website is the better it is for search engines and users alike. However do keep it wise and logical. You do not want any spam penalties. Also consider using long tail phrases.

Finally of course proof read your copy and get someone else to read it as well and give you constructive feedback in terms of comprehension, flow and grammar. Make sure to make good use of headers, as headers give the crawlers the information as to what your content, section or blog is about.

Search engine love fresh and new content that is interesting, compelling, and informative for the visitors.